What is Stem Cell?

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What is Stem Cell?

Many people know about the embryonic stem cells. Our own tissues are rich on the stem cells. Stem cells are naturally present in our body and they help formation of new cells in present healthy tissues. They also help repairing damaged tissues. They are the basics of the cells that form special cell types that form every organ in the body. Stem cells are different from other cells:

-          They have the ability to regenerate and conduct cell division for a long time.

-          They have the ability to differentiate into heart cell, liver cell, bone cell, cartilage cell, nerve cell and other cells under proper terms.

Autologous mean that the donor and receiver is the same person. These cells are your own adult cells. Autologous stem cells are not embryonic stem cells. These are adult stem cells or more clearly, tissue stem cells. Harvesting autologous stem cells with minimal intervention and use of them in orthopedic treatment was approved by FDA, it is not debatable and there is no danger.

Use of Autologous stem cells is legal and safe.

Although adult stem cell treatment is considered to be an evolutionary and advance technologic application, this treatment method has been applied for a long time. Formerly, it was very expensive and difficult to apply this procedure especially in office conditions. However, we can do these procedures easily with our advanced technology and equipment in our offices.

Stem cells are repairmen of the body. The ones harvested from bone marrow are called hematopoietic stem cells. As adult stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells are known as tissue repair cells and they are present in fat tissue and bone marrow. They reach the damaged site through blood.

If the damaged site is poor on blood flow such as joints, meniscus, rotator cuff and other tendon injuries, it is not possible for them to heal on their own. These areas are low on blood flow that the body may not even realize the injury. Healing does not occur because the body cannot send repairing cells here sufficiently.

Autologous stem cells can be harvested and injected into degenerated joint and tendons. When stem cells contact damaged joint surface or other tissues, new and healthy cells differentiate from these cells. Therefore, injection of stem cells into these damaged sites reduces the pain and improve functions.


Stem cells must be led for this procedure. This is obtained with Platelet Rich Plasma = PRP.  After the administration of prepared solution back to the body, growth factors, cytokines and signaling other proteins in the PRP give the message of where to go and what to do. Growth factors in PRP and cytokines are the main leaders. We can think of the stem cells as workers and PRP as managers! When activated once, stem cells can provide major healing and repair.

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