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Stem Cell Treatment Consent Form

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REGENCELL STEM CELL TREATMENTS Op. Dr. Can Çobanoğlu Stem Cell treatment consent form (Stem cell transplantation) Stem cell treatment is an intervention strategy in which new cells are administrated into the damaged area...

Pain Treatment

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Pain Treatment

Pain Treatment Our Cellular treatments applied to our patients who suffer from knee pain due to daily injuries or other degenerative causes are revolutionary, minimal invasive and cellular supported treatments which...

Stem Cell Procedure

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Stem Cell Procedure 

International patients

  • International patients
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    Our patients who will come from abroad

    We offer professional service for meeting them and their companions, taking them to a hotel or hospital for our patients who will come from abroad. According to health conditions of our patients, vehicles, busses or ambulance can be maintained in order to have a safe and comfortable transfer. You can reach Northern Cyprus from various airports. Ercan Airport is located in the Northern Cyprus while Larnaka and Paphos Airports are located in the Southern Cyprus. We can meet you in any of them according to the country you want to visit and airway company you will prefer. A couple of extra days in the island you will come for treatment purposes will be beneficial for moral and resting. Our contracted tourism agencies will let you rest in the facilities you like.  You can reach additional information about the country from both the websites below and other sites in the web

           ·         http://www.northcyprusonline.com

    ·         http://www.cypnet.co.uk 

             ·         http://www.visitcyprus.com/wps/portal

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